Why Tibetans Stick out their Tongue!

Those of us that are or aspire to be world travelers know that the world’s cultures can be mystifying and intriguing. I spend a lot of time researching the cultures that I visit so that I can be a respectful traveler and guest in their country. The most innocent mistake of a misplaced gesture can have dire consequences as President Nixon found out when visiting Brazil. When watching “7 Years in Tibet” I saw a most curious thing. Brad Pitt encountered a village of Tibetans and they all stuck out their tongue at him! This is a very curious custom to Americans and this is the explanation of it.


One of my favorite resources to research culture is, “Do’s and Taboo’s” by Roger E. Axtel http://www.amazon.com/Taboos-Around-World-Roger-Axtell/dp/0471595284.

Tammy O’Connell
Tibet Tour Director


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